Q. Do I need to put on a suit?
Not wearing suit does not exclude you from participating; however, we do recommend formal style or a suit since there is a high chance that you meet with HR Managers from different companies.
Q. How much is the participation fee?
There is no participation fee - all the events are free.
Q. If I did not pre-register through the homepage, is there any chance I can meet with different companies?
Although you do not register the meetings, you can register on-site for a face-to-face meeting.
Q. I uploaded my resume through pre-meeting registration – Do I still need to print my resume when meeting the company personnel?
If you registered for pre-meeting, the HR manager will take a look at your resume before the job fair. However, the manager will not print an individual’s resume; thus, the participant needs to print his or her resume for the job fair.
Q. Is there any place where I can print necessary documents?
You can print or copy necessary documents in the document supporting center. However, the waiting line could be very long, so we recommend that you print out necessary documents before coming to the job fair.
Q. If I have a meeting, can I be employed?
We cannot provide a uniform answer since companies have different interview process. Most of the companies have a meeting at the job fair and decide whether to contact applicants back through their official recruitment process.
Q. I have a conflict with my class schedule; can I receive any certificate for participation?
After you register on the event date, you can go to the job fair administration office and receive the certificate for participation.
Q. Are there any certain style requirements for my resume?
No; however, for some companies, they could require additional documents through their homepage. Consult any announcements of the participating companies on the job fair, and if they require any separate process, you can write the form.
Q. Are there any companies hiring community college graduates or experienced personnel?
The recruiting processes differ by companies. In case of experienced personnel, most of the companies want to hire those kinds of people. Also, in case of community college graduates, there has been cases which companies hired community college graduates or applicants having higher education level than high school graduation.
Q. Can students who are currently enrolled in a university participate?
In this job fair, there are a lot of additional events like employment consulting, mock interview, interview image consulting, resume photo booth and more. To collect employment information and prepare future job, it would be helpful to participate on different programs.
Q. How do I submit the job application online?
You can register and upload your job application at the job fair site.